Companion Animals Industry

The Companion Animals / Pet Care Industry constitutes the 4th important pillar of Indian Animal Health Industry. This segment is fairly well established and allows much higher levels of accessibility, with pets being majorly in all cities and urban areas, compared to the other 3 segments of Animal Health. 


Companion Animals Population - Well Cared

Our estimates on the potential number of well cared companion animals are as under:















Publsihed report on the Growth in Canine Population in India:















There are different reports on the potential size of this segment – our estimate of the companion animals segments pegs the size at   INR 200 Crores (USD 33.0 Million; 1 USD = INR 60) in 2013 and growing at around 14%.


Whereas a research report by Euromonitor International, puts the size of Indian Pet Care market at around INR 370 Crores (around USD 60 Million; 1 USD = INR  60) in 2011 which is expected to Rs 800 Crore (USD 135 Million; 1 USD = INR  60) crore by 2015. This corresponds to an annual growth of over 20%.


The difference in the size estimates of this segment is primarily on account of the inclusion / exclusion of product groups by various research reports.


Whatever be the size, one thing is clear that the Companion Animals is an important segment and is growing at a very healthy rate of >12 – 14% annually.


The key drivers of this segment are:


  • Increasing Disposable Incomes &  Rising numbers of Nuclear families preferring to have pets

  • Pet – Human Bonding getting strengthened; Pets as family member

  • Certain Human Lifestyle trends….being replicated for Companion Animals (Grooming Parlors, Spas, Specialty Hotels, Foods and Treats etc)

  • Human Medicine Technological Advances being extended into Companion Animals Practice (e.g. Cardiac Care, CKD, Obesity etc)

  • Well established and accepted Pet Food Industry fueling the growth in adoptions, care and longevity of Companion Animal

  • Increased investments into Clinics and Care Facilities by Vets

  • Companion Animals Practice as a lucrative career opportunity 

Dogs, Cats, Horses Population Well Cared
Dog, Canine Population in India, Growth Rate

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