AH Sales Executive - Your Most Important Asset Deserves More!

Business organizations in any field are successful only on account of the stellar efforts of its employees at various levels and certainly by the extraordinary efforts of its employees facing customers day in, day out.

This is one of the reasons why Sales Executives / Customer Facing Employees (call them by any designation) are the most important link in the chain and are well taken care of by the organizations.

This is so true in Animal Health Industry, and specially in India.

Yes – In India any Animal Health Sales Person has to put in relatively much more extra efforts, miss personal commitments more often and spend much more time in meeting customers to achieve business objectives.

Imagine the working day of any AH Sales Executive – riding a bike for most of the day and meeting customers at all hours – starting at 6 a.m. yes you read it right (meetings at milk collection centers) esp. by Livestock Executives and ending the day at 10.00 pm and later, yes you read it right again, meeting Companion Animal Practitioners.

These “Feet on the Street” in AH Industry in India, working at all kind of hours, in varied weather conditions and in all kinds of terrain, are the ones who ensure that the organization’s business plans are successful and the CEO is happy.

Do these AH Sales Executives really get the due recognition or should I say, do they get the recognition commensurate with their efforts.

Is this the reason that recruiting and retaining an Animal Health Sales Executive is now getting increasingly difficult. And the related question is – Can We Ever Overpay, Animal Health Sales Executives in India.

It’s an accepted fact that successful Sales Executives should be highly compensated (salary + incentives). It’s also an established fact – that if there is no sales, there are no revenues and hence no salaries, not even for the CEO, not for long certainly. It’s as simple.

So, why do we still struggle to pay higher incentives and bonuses to our AH Sales Executives – Is this all because of the fears that:

  • Highly successful Sales Executives may at times earn more money than their Superiors. If an AH Industry Sales Executive earns more than his Superiors, it’s the organization which is the ultimate winner through higher revenues, profits and importantly, through bigger market share

  • Sales Executives earning more total money may disturb the hierarchical compensations in the organization

  • Or we don’t want our Sales Executives to earn more than us, because of our Egos

It may sound too radical but is very simple to check the importance of highly successful Sales Executives:

  • Try resting your Sales Team for a few days and see your sales come crashing down or

  • Try sending “Head Office” colleagues to work in the Sales Function for a change

We should pay Animal Health Sales Executives for the value they deliver. Period! This assumes increased significance in times like this when prospective employees have so many career options.

A number of successful Animal Health Companies in India with high loyalty and relatively lower levels of attrition at first line level, are a testimony to this.

Animal Health Sales Executive – You Deserve it and You are Going to Get It Soon!

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