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Animal Health Industry Professionals in India may have one of the major grouse as the lack of a single, good source of credible data and information on the Animal Health Industry in India.

Majority of the professionals in this industry do rue this fact at least in private, on a regular basis and especially during annual budgeting process or certainly before committing any investments into a new idea, molecule or an important brand. The enterprising nature of the professionals working in this industry, however, has so far ensured that neither the launches nor the budgeting processes were ever disturbed.

All this for an industry which constitutes 22.8%* of an average Indian household’s monthly food basket. (* - second only to the spend on Cereals; Source – FICCI –Food 360°, PwC Report).

In addition, Livestock segment alone contributes around 4.11%* to the national GDP and around 25.6%* to the Agriculture GDP of India and hence its importance can never be overstated. *Source: DADF – 19th Census Report. Basic Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Statistics 2013

This portal is a small endeavor in putting together most, if not all, of the data, resources and thoughts available in public domain, onto a single site for an easier access and hopefully better decision making.

Since the markets are dynamic and newer ideas, data points and trends keep emerging, it remains our endeavor to bring these new trends and insights in time for your decision making.

Happy Surfing!

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Animal Health Industry in India
Animal Health Industry in India
Animal Health Industry in India
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