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Bewital agri focussed on production and development of animal feed specialties, announes that have entered into a distribution agreement with HyPro Feeds to launch Rumen Protected Amino Acids and Specialty Animal Feed Additives in the steadily growing Livestock market in India.

Livestock sector in India is growing at around 10% and with rising milk production and improving animal productivity, focus on precision nutrition and quality management is only set to increase and hence the timing of this distribution agreement.

BEWITAL agri is a leading, globally active company from the Münsterland region of western Germany. Since foundation in 1963, BEWITAL agri has placed considerable emphasis in the crucial areas of rearing and energy supply to dairy animals.

With BEWITAL agri team present in over 30 countries today, the animal nutrition industry as well as specialists in the field, recognizes it as a strong partner on their side when it comes to the innovative ideas behind “the production of healthy, nutritional animal feed stuffs”.

BEWITAL agri differs immensely from other suppliers due to its 50 years of experience in the area of milk replacers and specialty products. BEWITAL agri invests significantly in R&D specifically in the field of rumen protected fats and amino acids. In the huge spray tower, located in Südlohn-Oeding, BEWITAL agri uses a uniquely developed spray-freeze procedure. This allows it to produce a very fine, pourable fat powder, which is highly digestible and also optimal for further usage.

Unique coating technologies have been developed to create rumen stable and target release active components as well as gradual release of nitrogen-rich supplements, inside the rumen. The manufacturing sites of Bewital and Palital are recognized for its high level of expertise in coating and encapsulating technologies.

The current distribution agreement covers a range of rumen protected amino acids and specialty products such as gradual release urea product. The distinctive product portfolio announced for India, addresses the specific demands of supplemental nutrition in high milk producing animals in the Livestock sector.

Key products being introduced in India in initial phase are:

1. Bewi-Lacto Plus MC Protect® - a combination of rumen protected amino acids and by pass fat product;

2. Bewi-Lacto + U® – a specialty gradual release urea + dextrose combination;

3. Victurea® - a gradual release urea to meet increased protein requirements in animal feed;

4. Bewi-Fatrix Methionine® – rumen protected DL-methionine for high milk producing animals and

5. Bewi-Fatrix Lysine® – a micro-encapsulated product to ensure rumen protection and for delivery of precise amounts of Lysine Amino Acid in the small intestine of animals for optimal absorption.

Commenting on the distribution deal, Mr. Gerrit-Jan Overbeek, GM at BEWITAL agri said, "The Asian market is the fastest growing Livestock market and hence, of strategic importance to BEWITAL agri. HyPro Feeds is well positioned to leverage the high growth afforded by the market in India and HyPro Feeds will provide a key channel for our business expansion in India."

He continued, "We are delighted to formalize our business association, which will enable us to reach a wider customer base and build on our footprints in Asia."

"HyPro Feeds is pleased to engage with BEWITAL agri for its range of specialty products in Livestock segment. BEWITAL agri’s broad portfolio of Livestock products complements the solutions and products we provide to our existing and new customers," commented Dr. Sandeep Juneja of HyPro Feeds.

About BEWITAL agri

BEWITAL agri is a company producing unique animal feed supplements, which meets the market demand. Strength is the development and production of innovative products for the modern dairy cows, focused on health and performance. Bewital operates out of facilities in Südlohn-Oeding in Germany and has presence in more than 30 countries.

About HyPro Feeds

HyPro Feeds has been established to bring in unique ideas and solutions to the relatively under- served Livestock farmers in India. Company’s distinctive product portfolio addresses specific needs of high milk producing animals. Team at HyPro Feeds has extensive operational experience in the Livestock industry in India.

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