Yeast for Animal Feed - Choose the "right product"

Brewer’s Yeast is More than the Sum of its Ingredients

The biological value of a yeast product should not be measured by the „standard“ energy, minerals and vitamins alone. The outstanding significance for animal performance is the bioavailability of the nutrients and active ingredients in yeast products, which can be curcially improved by using natural product – brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Its not only the nutrient profile and more popular among feed mills - “energy matrix“ which determines the efficacy of a yeast product – but bioavialbility and consequent high performance in animals – that should be the guiding principle in selectng a yeast for inclusion in animal feed.

Leiber's Brewers Yeast Due to the dietary and prebiotic modes of action of Leiber® brewers’ yeast and the fact that it contains many valuable ingredients, each feed mixture achieves a decisive increase in value. Brewers’ yeast, which is one of the most valuable natural products, must therefore be seen first and foremost as an active ingredient carrier, and only secondly as a nutrient carrier. The effect of the important ingredients, such as enzymes, B-vitamins, amino acids and minerals is based on the interaction of all ingredients in their natural compound. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that only real brewers’ yeast, that is yeast derived from the beer-brewing process - in contrast to other yeasts used in feed - contains extra valuable ingredients from hops (humulone and lupulone). In addition to the well-known effects of brewers’ yeast, such as

· Stabilization of the gastro-intestinal tract

· Dietary and prebiotic modes of action

· Adsorption and inactivation of harmful bacteria and mycotoxins

These ingredients from hops ensure that Leiber® brewers’ yeast products develop antioxidant and bacteriostatic effects. Everyone knows terms such as probiotic or prebiotic. But what is the multibiotic effect?

The effect of brewers’ yeast is more than the sum of its ingredients. Only the combination of ingredients, in conjunction with the high bioavailability and unique morphology of the yeast cell, enable the diverse synergistic effects - the multibiotic power.

Leiber’s has introduced following 3 major products in India to support animal farms achieve high performance standards at lower cost of inclusion:

1. Leiber’s Brewers Yeast – BT

Leiber®Brewers´ Yeast-BT consists of real brewers´ yeast (40 %), which has been bound to the carrier substance brewers´ grains (60 %) by means of a special process, and gently dried. The patented manufacturing process with maximum temperatures of approximately 55 °C ensures the highest possible protection of sensitive active ingredients in the brewers´ yeast. The unique combination of real brewers´ yeast and brewers´ grains not only ensures very good processing and storage characteristics, but it achieves, in particular, optimal acceptance of the feed

2. Biolex MB40

Biolex® MB40 consists of the cell walls and functional components of real brewers´ yeast (100 % saccharomyces cerevisiae), which is obtained during the production of soluble brewers´ yeast extracts. During this process nucleic acids, purines and other metabolites are separated and mannan-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans are exposed on concentrated as well as specifically effective segments of the cell wall. Biolex® MB40 is characterized by its high levels of 1.3 -1.6 beta-D-glucan and mannan-oligosaccharides. The excellent, scientifically proven effect is based on the large surface area, the special surface texture and the associated high adsorptive property of the cell walls:

· Active support and relief of the immune system

· High bonding power and inactivation of pathogens/toxins in the intestinal lumen

· Pre-biotic effects on the intestinal and ruminal microflora

3. Cefi Pro

CeFi® pro consists of the cell contents and the cell walls of the brewers´ yeast, which are released from their natural compound by a gentle and effective hydrolysis process, so that the individual cell components can optimally develop their effect. Beta-glucan and mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) of the cell wall in combination with the natural RNA components, nucleotides, nucleosides, as well as the pyrimidine and purine bases of brewers´ yeast, guarantee the high impact of CeFi® pro:

· Support in the development and integrity of intestinal tissue, especially in the early stages of development

· Increased growth due to the high bio-availability of nucleic acids, nucleotides and nucleosides

· Support of the cell reproduction and cell regeneration

· Improvement in immunity and resistance to infections and stressful situations

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